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About Us

GB Lifesciences Corporation is a nutritional genetics and genomics company. Our mission is to improve public health by preventing chronic diseases through better dietary intervention. As a pioneer in applying the life science discoveries of the 21st century to everyday life, we believe that one of the most relevant applications of life science today is the prevention and minimization of costly common chronic diseases.
The diseases GB Lifesciences focuses on include many diet-related epidemics such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Scientific evidence strongly suggests that such diseases are caused by the incompatibility of modern Western diets and lifestyles with genetic predisposition and are largely preventable through dietary and lifestyle intervention. Such intervention can be targeted more effectively if the regimens are designed according to personal genetic profiles and the molecular mechanism of these diseases. GB Lifesciences integrates the most recent advances in life sciences and genetic epidemiology with traditional nutrition and exercise sciences to create these regimens and prevent disease.  In addition to this, we take advantage of today's interactive platform of computer/smartphone/tablet to deliver our products to consumers.

GB Lifesciences Corp. was founded by successful entrepreneur Dr. Li Shen, co-founder and former president of SABiosciences Corporation.  GB is currently based in beautiful San Diego, CA.


GB Lifesciences Corporation
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